Temporary A-V
Sequential Pacing System

Temporary Cardiac Pacing Problems


  • Cardiac perforation (up to 4%)
  • Dislodgement (10-37%) with loss of pace capture


  • No dual chamber pacing
  • No A-V synchrony

Solution: Swift Sync Pacing Catheter

Clinical need for a simple, safe and effective solution for temporary A-V sequential pacing catheter.

Swift Sync’s novel patented design

  • Self-positions on the right side chambers of the heart
  • Stays securely in place and maintains endocardium contact for synchronous dual-chamber pacing
  • Could be placed without fluoroscopic guidance

Indications for use

  • Operating rooms: after open heart surgery -CABG, valve surgery, transplant
  • Cath labs: structural heart procedures, such as TAVR and ablations
  • ER, ICU, CCU: in heart attack, bradycardia, heart block, and conduction disturbances  
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